2023 Sessions

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2021/2022 Sessions

Where Do We Go For What? A round table of resources
How Do We Work Better Together? Collaboration of Care
How Do School Supports Work? Individual Education Plans, 504 Plans, and More!

2020 Recorded Sessions

Melissa Cheplic, NADD
IDD and Mental Health Summit kick off and key note Speaker

Caregivers frequently find themselves in a place where they are asked to give more than they have.  During 2020, our resilience reservoirs may be depleted and then some.  Take some time and join other caregivers to explore some gentle ideas about supporting you in this important work in these challenging times.  Recognize unique needs of caregivers, explore self-care strategies and consider new (or old) helpful resources.

Please join Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Department of Education for Children’s System updates during this extraordinary time. Please also welcome the System of Care Advisory Council members for a look into this new council and its relationship to this dynamic and complex population of children.

Who wants to wear a mask, really? They’re tight, scratchy, hot, fog up your glasses, never fit quite right… you get the picture. For persons with intellectual disabilities and/or neuro-diverse folks, mask wearing can be a special challenge. In this training, we will discuss how we can use tenets of ABA, Positive Behavior Support, and DBT to encourage (but never force) mask wearing. We will focus on modeling, desensitization, use of social stories, and reducing stress associated with compliance.