Suzie Kuerschner

S.P.I.R.I.T.S.: Strategies for Prevention, Intervention & Resilience in Teaching Success

Ms. Kuerschner is a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder consultant and a child and family development specialist working from the contexts of Education and Behavioral Health to develop culturally congruent systems and strategies for trauma-informed, strength-based therapeutic support to children, families, and the systems serving them.

Her work includes program development and delivery for over forty-five years, in which she has developed multiple Early Childhood Development Centers, Early Intervention, Interagency, and Family Resource programs within the context of state, county, tribal, and public schools and treatment settings; integrating federal, state, county, and tribal services. She has worked with Juvenile Justice and Adult Corrections in cognitively retailoring strategies and services within those settings and providing court and judicial assistance in designing appropriate sentencing for individuals impacted by an FASD.

Suzie will be leading two sessions, each with different content. Participants may attend either or both sessions.

Engender Hope and Deliver Promise: Justice and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Tuesday January 26th & Thursday January 31st, 2023
10:00–11:30 AM each day
Pairing the vision of hope with the delivery of promise requires an understanding of the culture, tradition, and language that are informed by the norms, values, and beliefs of the people being served. It also requires an understanding of the neurobehavioral landscape of the individual. Attention to these understandings can produce a meaningful strength-based integrated approach to the design of functional interventions that, in turn, draw on the assets and resources of the individual, family, community, and providers. From this collaborative context, programs and services can utilize the opportunity justice involvement provides.
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